Rossi Sisters

Its been 6 months since I last saw the Rossi girls and their parents, and the girls are growing like weeds! I first met this beautiful family when I held #FreePhotosForPoliceFamilies, last summer as both mom and dad put their lives on the line to protect their local town – words can not express the thanks you deserve!

With four daughters, Dad sure does have his work cut out for him in the upcoming years! Out of our entire session – this outtake has easily turned into my favorite photo, showing the personality and happiness that radiates from each of the girls!


 Originally scheduled to meet a week prior, a thunderstorm had other ideas and our date was pushed out and location moved. While heading to the Westborough Reservoir, our locations was quickly changed again when the gorgeous fields of Cummings Veterinary School were spotted!

Filled with long grass and bright yellow dandelions, it was easy to feel as though you were running to the end of the earth without a care in the world!

And what field or animal location would be complete without the obligatory red barn? One can not pass a barn and not take photos! Look at these two beauties enjoying both the camera and the barn – their personality shines through!

Having met up with the Rossi girls this time with their mom to show support for #SpeakOutAboutInfertility – this family gives so much hope to those who need it!

Thank you for sharing your story and support! I look forward to seeing this beautiful family again in the Fall for the second annual #FreePhotosForPoliceFamilies and #FreePhotosForFirstResponders!


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