Welcome Julianna!

On April 26 I had the pleasure of snuggling up with the cutest little newborn girl that has graced the other end of my lens in a long time! Little miss Julianna was born on April 24, 2017 weighing in at a tiny 6lbs and 13 oz.

Julianna Joy

Julianna’s mom Nora and I have been friends for a number of years now and I couldn’t have been happier to welcome this little ones arrival! Joining big brother Colin, I am sure their house is soon to be a loud, bustling, wonderful place.

Content to be held and wrapped in the beautiful custom ordered blanket that announced her name to the world – Julianna did not cry once during our entire hospital session! With her squishy cheeks, tiny little fingers and gorgeous little lips I and sure that the boys will be lining up for a chance to dance with this little princess at her first dance.


“A rainbow is a promise, of sunshine after rain, of calm after storms, of joy after sadness, of peace after pain, of love after loss”

Congratulations and all my love to Julianna’s family!