Cake Smash: Julianna

Where has the time gone? It seems like only recently I was at the hospital photographing Julianna’s First 48 Moments Session and now I have just completed her First Birthday Cake Smash! If you recall, Julianna was a beautiful rainbow at the end of a storm for her parents…

Julianna Joy

Now, a year has passed and she continues to be that rainbow after the storm with her personality that just keeps growing and keeping Nora and Keith on their toes! It was so much fun seeing Julianna again, and of course her brother Colin and mom Nora!

Starting out with a tea party with her bunny rabbit, we soon moved onto balloons and then the cake smash.


However, given that this adorable little diva hates getting her hands dirty, what do you do? Give her a cooking spoon for her cake of course! Can we talk about this gorgeous cake? Almost to pretty to smash…but we got over that quickly!


Quickly into the session, Julianna seemed to tire of the spoon and decide that her hands would be faster, and then of course, her feet. Cause how else would you smash a cake?

While I had so much fun photographing this, I am sure Julianna had much more fun than I did! Don’t miss out of the quick family shot and shot of Colin I took at the bottom of this blog, couldn’t waste a beautiful day and not steal a few quick photos. Can’t wait to see you again little one!





Engagement: Christopher & Victoria

Christopher and Victoria’s engagement session held on 4/21/18 at Moore State Park was so much fun! While the weather was a bit chilly with some wind, the sun came out to play just in time! After weeks of dreary weather, it was so nice to have a day where there were no coats needed.

Starting out the session walking through the park, I was immediately struck by how in sync these two were, and so naturally comfortable with each other. Blending a family is not always easy, however the ease shown when walking with each other, and the ease shown when working together with each of their sons to make a new family was amazing to watch.


Wearing her mother’s engagement ring, the simplicity of their love for each other was shining through each of their eyes. With a great wedding hashtag (#BecomingMota2018), and this giant M that will be used as their guestbook – the little details being shared of their upcoming wedding sound so much fun!5057Logo

September is only a few months away, and I cant wait to get together with Christopher and Victoria again to photograph what is sure to be a beautiful and fun wedding! Looking forward to September! ❤

Tassi Wedding, 11/18/2017

What a winter it has been! The holidays have come and gone and hopefully just around the corner is beautiful Spring weather! Until then, I am playing catch up and cant wait to share this beautiful wedding that I photographed at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA. On a slightly rainy night in November, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the most fun weddings that I have been to in a long time.

From the lanterns lighting the way to the Meeting House built in 1837 down the dirt path, the horse drawn wagon delivering the guests to their destination and the amazing flash mob to Time Warp from Rocky Horror – this was a wedding that will be spoken about for a long time to come!


It was clear that Kyle and Sandy had spent a great deal of time making this day something to remember not only for themselves, but for their friends and family as well. The wedding dress was beautifully designed and made and the flowers lovingly gathered, each by Sandy herself.

While the girls donned their dresses and put on their makeup in a room at the Inn, the gentleman got ready off site, waiting for Kyle and Sandy to have their chance at a first look outside in the herb garden. The pews in the Meeting House creaked each time a new guest took their seat, and the hand made wooden checker boards waited to be played in the reception hall. Each little detail added to the nostalgia created while attending this wedding at Old Sturbridge Village. With unique photo locations at every turn, Old Sturbridge Village did not disappoint!

Check out some more of my favorite photos below, and take a look at that last photo – such a great, “we did it!” moment!



Katelyn & Jenn, Warren Soccer Club

What better way to celebrate national pride month than to share this beautiful, fun wedding reception I had the pleasure of photographing on May 20th?! Katelyn and Jenn had a lovely, intimate ceremony at Colt State Park in Rhode Island followed by a reception at the Warren Soccer Club in Warren, Rhode Island. Photographing the reception, I had the pleasure of hearing fun stories, loving speeches and also witness  an outpouring of love and support for this newly growing family that warmed my heart!6691

A beach themed reception was perfect for the beginning of summer on what turned out to be a beautiful day following some very dreary weeks.  The subtle touches of seashells and blue were seen throughout the hall, with seashell covered initials for Katelyn and Jenn lit by tiny white lights and beautifully engraved glassware for the bridal party.

It is always the little touches that make a wedding memorable and unique – and this wedding was no different! Katelyn and Jenn displayed a chalkboard sign asking for notes written by the guests to open in a years time. They also displayed a canvas with their names and wedding date on it for guests to leave a little note or sign. Gone are the days of old guest books – a beautiful piece of artwork that can be displayed for years to come is so much more meaningful!

What would any fun wedding be without a little break dancing and a dollar dance?! Every time I turned around, these adorable two boys were breaking down on the dance floor! And, can we take a moment to look at that sass on Katelyn’s face?! Who wouldn’t want to dance with her?

And what about Grandma?! I am not sure who was more fun to watch and photograph, the boys break dancing, or Grandma out dancing everyone! You go Grandma!


It was such a pleasure photographing this reception, and so much fun! Wishing all the love and happiness to Katelyn and Jenn, and to the new family they are building with Kay-Lynn!8012

Love Storyboard

Infertility Awareness Week

Did you know that April 23 – April 29, 2017 is national infertility awareness week? Or that in the United States, 1 in 8, or 15% of couples suffer from a form of infertility? The chances of you knowing someone who is struggling with an infertility diagnosis is high, whether you realize it or not. This is a painful struggle, one that is different for every single person living through it, but all with a common thread – heartache.


The best thing that you can do when someone is struggling with infertility is letting them know that you care, and you are there for them. Why am I blogging about this you ask? Because I am 1 in 8. I know the struggle, the heartache and the pain. Because it is time to #speakoutaboutinfertility, and be aware.

While there are so many ways I wish that I was able to change the life or lives of someone, or a couple going through infertility, I am limited to offering my encouragement, support, and photos – since that is what I do! 😊

Are you struggling with infertility now? Have you beat infertility and are awaiting the birth of your little one? Is your little one already here? Did you decide to adopt instead due to your struggles? However your infertility journey has gone, where ever it has taken you – I’m offering a free photo session to document your journey! Infertility is hard, it is stressful, painful and expensive. Don’t let that stop you from documenting the important moments you want to remember.

Contact me between now and May 7, 2017 – lets talk about what you would like to say, what will your #speakoutaboutinfertility moment be?

Baby Bell – Moore State Park

This past weekend was night and day, Saturday was a snow and sleet storm and Sunday was sunny and near 60. Thank goodness for that sun, or Melissa and John’s maternity session for baby Bell would have been a very cold one! Oh the joys of living in New England!

With only a few weeks left until the arrival of their little one, the baby shower is over, the nursery is as ready as it can be, and Melissa and John are eagerly awaiting to find out if they will have a little boy or little girl in their arms soon. In a world of technology, where there are so few surprises left, this is so exciting!



Sloshing through the melting snow, it was a fun session involving a balancing act of staying upright (as the photographer, I can tell you I failed miserably at this, however as long as Melissa stayed on her feet – that is all that mattered!), keeping the attention of the family dog Lexi – (who was extremely well behaved!) and making sure the sun stayed our friend and not our enemy.

Beyonce is quoted as saying, “it is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.” Photographing a maternity session is one of my favorites things to do for that reason – I am able to show the glow of happiness at the beautiful gift that is about to happen.

Excited to see your little one soon, Melissa and John! ❤



Camp Putnam Brunch, 3/12/2017

This year the Camp Putnam Brunch Fundraiser was at Zukas Hilltop Barn. What a beautiful place, and what a warm atmosphere I walked into that morning! A warm fire was burning in the stone fireplace and the tables were set, adorned with red feathers – Camp Putnam’s long time symbol


Two different brunch sittings were happening that morning, and each were filled with people who had their own connections to the camp – previous campers, families, current campers, camp staff, etc. With over 65 years of summers in their past, there are many generations that have grown up going to this camp, and it is clear the joy that comes from those who continue to go, and the sense of family among those who went previously and stay in touch.

In the generation of technology where children are given Ipads at school, expected to complete homework on the computer even in elementary school, and almost all state testing is completed electronically – it is refreshing to find a camp that is electronic free. One where you know your children will have a true camp experience with arts and crafts, boating, cabins, swimming, and frog catching in the pond.



Camp Putnam is a non profit organization that holds events such as this annual Brunch to raise the funds needed to run camp each summer. If you would like to help – please consider donating, and if you are looking for a camp for your child – consider Camp Putnam, it is really one of Massachusetts hidden gems. Visit Camp Putnam’s Website