Shawn & Ashley- Pleasure Beach, CT

Wow! Where did the summer go? Seems like yesterday that I was at Pleasure Beach scouting out photo locations for Shawn and Ashley’s wedding! Shawn and I have known each other over 15 years, and when I first met Ashley back in 2005 who would have guessed this is where we would be 12 years later?

It was a beautiful night for a small ceremony on the rocks at Pleasure Beach in Waterford, CT on July 20th. The sun was setting with beautiful hues of blue, pink and purple as Shawn and Ashley said their vows with the waves crashing below them. With no witness’ other than the birds and the few stragglers left on the beach that evening, by the end of their ceremony Shawn and Ashley had the beach to themselves to enjoy and take their time for some beautiful photos.

From the subtle details of the shark cuff links, to the beautiful personally made bouquet carried by Ashley, or their wedding vows carefully written on a rolled piece of paper inside a bottle, this wedding showed all the personality and spunk that one would hope to see and so much more. The look of sheer joy on Shawn’s face as Ashley walked around the corner is one that made your own face hurt from smiling.

This wedding had so many more feelings and emotions for me than I can express given how long I have known Shawn, and I can only hope that the love and admiration that I was able to see in both Ashley and Shawn’s eyes that evening, will carry them through many many years to come.

I find a quote I once heard especially appropriate here given the 12 year journey that took Shawn and Ashley to get to where they are today… “A successful marriage takes falling in love many times, always with the same person”.

All my love to you both, thank you for giving me the joy of spending this beautiful night with you! ❤ ❤



Katelyn & Jenn, Warren Soccer Club

What better way to celebrate national pride month than to share this beautiful, fun wedding reception I had the pleasure of photographing on May 20th?! Katelyn and Jenn had a lovely, intimate ceremony at Colt State Park in Rhode Island followed by a reception at the Warren Soccer Club in Warren, Rhode Island. Photographing the reception, I had the pleasure of hearing fun stories, loving speeches and also witness  an outpouring of love and support for this newly growing family that warmed my heart!6691

A beach themed reception was perfect for the beginning of summer on what turned out to be a beautiful day following some very dreary weeks.  The subtle touches of seashells and blue were seen throughout the hall, with seashell covered initials for Katelyn and Jenn lit by tiny white lights and beautifully engraved glassware for the bridal party.

It is always the little touches that make a wedding memorable and unique – and this wedding was no different! Katelyn and Jenn displayed a chalkboard sign asking for notes written by the guests to open in a years time. They also displayed a canvas with their names and wedding date on it for guests to leave a little note or sign. Gone are the days of old guest books – a beautiful piece of artwork that can be displayed for years to come is so much more meaningful!

What would any fun wedding be without a little break dancing and a dollar dance?! Every time I turned around, these adorable two boys were breaking down on the dance floor! And, can we take a moment to look at that sass on Katelyn’s face?! Who wouldn’t want to dance with her?

And what about Grandma?! I am not sure who was more fun to watch and photograph, the boys break dancing, or Grandma out dancing everyone! You go Grandma!


It was such a pleasure photographing this reception, and so much fun! Wishing all the love and happiness to Katelyn and Jenn, and to the new family they are building with Kay-Lynn!8012

Love Storyboard

Rossi Sisters

Its been 6 months since I last saw the Rossi girls and their parents, and the girls are growing like weeds! I first met this beautiful family when I held #FreePhotosForPoliceFamilies, last summer as both mom and dad put their lives on the line to protect their local town – words can not express the thanks you deserve!

With four daughters, Dad sure does have his work cut out for him in the upcoming years! Out of our entire session – this outtake has easily turned into my favorite photo, showing the personality and happiness that radiates from each of the girls!


 Originally scheduled to meet a week prior, a thunderstorm had other ideas and our date was pushed out and location moved. While heading to the Westborough Reservoir, our locations was quickly changed again when the gorgeous fields of Cummings Veterinary School were spotted!

Filled with long grass and bright yellow dandelions, it was easy to feel as though you were running to the end of the earth without a care in the world!

And what field or animal location would be complete without the obligatory red barn? One can not pass a barn and not take photos! Look at these two beauties enjoying both the camera and the barn – their personality shines through!

Having met up with the Rossi girls this time with their mom to show support for #SpeakOutAboutInfertility – this family gives so much hope to those who need it!

Thank you for sharing your story and support! I look forward to seeing this beautiful family again in the Fall for the second annual #FreePhotosForPoliceFamilies and #FreePhotosForFirstResponders!

Welcome Julianna!

On April 26 I had the pleasure of snuggling up with the cutest little newborn girl that has graced the other end of my lens in a long time! Little miss Julianna was born on April 24, 2017 weighing in at a tiny 6lbs and 13 oz.

Julianna Joy

Julianna’s mom Nora and I have been friends for a number of years now and I couldn’t have been happier to welcome this little ones arrival! Joining big brother Colin, I am sure their house is soon to be a loud, bustling, wonderful place.

Content to be held and wrapped in the beautiful custom ordered blanket that announced her name to the world – Julianna did not cry once during our entire hospital session! With her squishy cheeks, tiny little fingers and gorgeous little lips I and sure that the boys will be lining up for a chance to dance with this little princess at her first dance.


“A rainbow is a promise, of sunshine after rain, of calm after storms, of joy after sadness, of peace after pain, of love after loss”

Congratulations and all my love to Julianna’s family!

Baby Bell – Moore State Park

This past weekend was night and day, Saturday was a snow and sleet storm and Sunday was sunny and near 60. Thank goodness for that sun, or Melissa and John’s maternity session for baby Bell would have been a very cold one! Oh the joys of living in New England!

With only a few weeks left until the arrival of their little one, the baby shower is over, the nursery is as ready as it can be, and Melissa and John are eagerly awaiting to find out if they will have a little boy or little girl in their arms soon. In a world of technology, where there are so few surprises left, this is so exciting!



Sloshing through the melting snow, it was a fun session involving a balancing act of staying upright (as the photographer, I can tell you I failed miserably at this, however as long as Melissa stayed on her feet – that is all that mattered!), keeping the attention of the family dog Lexi – (who was extremely well behaved!) and making sure the sun stayed our friend and not our enemy.

Beyonce is quoted as saying, “it is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.” Photographing a maternity session is one of my favorites things to do for that reason – I am able to show the glow of happiness at the beautiful gift that is about to happen.

Excited to see your little one soon, Melissa and John! ❤